Water-Jet Cutting: An untapped technology for MSMEs

GK Industries  lists a few water-jet cutting specifications as follows:


Although the customer base of GK Industries’ water-jet cutting solution is entirely from the MSME sector (nearly 70 per cent medium and 30 per cent small scale businesses), this is just a fraction of the potential and requirement of the entire industry. Even with all the visible benefits of the technology, small and medium business in the engineering space are not yet ready to adapt to this newest method, let alone the unaware masses. “We have to educate the people, introduce the machine, explain the process, address their fears and articulate the benefits they would gain from water-jet cutting. This is the biggest challenged we are facing now,” Gokulakrishnan says. “However, once the customer gets the first project in hand, rest assured he is going to be a repeat customer and will never go back to the conventional methods,” he adds.

The other major challenge is that, only skilled employees can work with the machine. Gokulakrishnan, an engineer himself, had undergone a training session in Taiwan along with one of his supervisors. Gokulakrishnan has now eight employees, trained by him, working with the machine.

While GK Industries’ efforts to educate the small and medium businesses are slowly yielding the right results, the MSMEs in the engineering space should see the water-jet cutting solution as the best way to bridge the gap between the advancement in technology and their businesses. Yes, a sudden change is quite hard to comprehend, especially when it demands an intentional derailing. However, shying away from a prolific technological advancement is, indisputably, the worst choice an MSME can make.